About Coco & Lime

Coco & Lime is a website for yoga, life and travel inspiration. It is aimed at free spirits, open-minded people, modern hippies who want to live a responsible, mindful, and inspired life.

Coco & Lime was founded in 2015 as an online shop for yoga and mindfulness jewelry, so-called malas (read more about how I came to make malas here). ​I believe that a perfect way to find balance and focus in life is by creating things – and by practicing yoga. These two aspects were the foundation stones for my small business. With time, however, Coco & Lime grew in many directions that I hadn’t imagined or planned, and many of them weren’t strictly mala-related. I wanted to be able to write about all the wonderful experiences I had during my travels, about my journey to become a yoga teacher, and about my ideas on how to live a mindful and inspired, and self-determined life in today’s world. This is how the idea for a Coco & Lime blog was born…


Who writes here?

I am Katrin, the creative soul, crafty hands and writer of Coco & Lime. I am a yoga-loving hippie-at-heart with a curious mind, a free spirit, and a heart full of wanderlust. When I am asked what I work it’s quite impossible to state one single profession. I am a natural scientist with a PhD in molecular biology and immunology, and author of two scientific books. I teach English and Molecular Biology at the local University of Applied Sciences. I am the founder, creator and owner of my little baby business Coco & Lime, a company for hand-made yoga jewelry. And I am a passionate yoga practitioner and certified yoga teacher. As reflected by all these different occupations, I value creative diversity, natural curiosity, free expression of ideas, and an open-minded way of living.

So if you share my love for yoga, nature, crafting, traveling the world and living a modern mindful life, you’ll feel right at home here.