Gemstone Alphabet

Gemstone alphabet: H

When writing the latest episode of the Gemstone Alphabet I realized I forgot the letter H and published J first! Oops! πŸ™ˆ

So it’s about time I correct this mishap because many of my favorite gemstones start with the letter H. Read about their properties in this new episode of the Coco & Lime gemstone alphabet.

Hematite is a dark shiny stone that is mainlyΒ made of iron, which gives it its rainbow-metallic appearance. It is a stone of transformation that has very strong grounding energies and is highly useful for warding off negativity and reducing stress. It promotes self-esteem and creative thinking, and gives mental strength and confidence to accomplish different tasks. It is a wonderful tool to harmonize the chakras as it promotes balance between body, mind and soul. Due to its association with magnetism, rainbow hematite is believed to be helpful in attracting one’s true soul mate and destiny.



Howlite is a stone of awareness, spiritual consciousness and attunement. It is helpful for improving communication, easing confrontations and resolving conflicts. It promotes creative and spiritual expression and helps bring out one’s true inner self. It is one of the best stones to assist you in understanding yourself, other people and life in general better. Howlite is also very useful in reducing stress-related conditions like migraine, restlessness, insomnia,Β or even burn-out,Β as it calms and soothes the overactive mind, and reduces anxiety, tension and anger.Β It promotes selfless actions and thoughtfulness in general, and also helps you feel assured and confident instead of being overly critical with yourself.


HemimorphiteΒ is a stone of transformation. It is said to infuse and charge the aura with energy and draw light into body, mind and soul. It is a stone of compassionate empathy and will enhance the talents of healers and spiritual counselors. Hemimorphite is excellent for opening the chakras. It brings inner balance and dispels negativity or weakness, thereby aiding in resolving emotional issues and overcoming inner limitations. Hemimorphite helps to identify your highest potential and manifest your vision for a fulfilled and happy life. It is also very helpful for letting go of sad emotions and heal heartache from the past.



HeliotropeΒ is a variety of jasper or chalcedony that possesses little red inclusions that look like blood spots – it is therefore often associated with life and birth, vitality and strength, passion and courage since ancient times when it was also believed to have the power to turn its wearer invisible. It protects against deception and mental manipulation and helps to adjust to new circumstances. It boosts mental clarity and concentration when motivation is needed, and revitalizes body and mind and body in times of exhaustion. It is an ideal helper to combat procrastination and stick with a project from the idea stage through to its actualization.


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