Gemstone Alphabet

Gemstone alphabet: J

I’m skipping the letter I because there are no stones I’m normally working with that start with an I, so the gemstone alphabet continues with J. When looking into my crystal description card box, the J section is by far the biggest – mostly thanks to all the jasper and jade varieties.

I will put together a dedicated section for all the color versions of jade, so for now let’s start with the different types of jasper.

Aqua-terra jasper, sometimes called the “supreme nurturer”, is a wonderful stone to find inner peace, clarity, understanding and compassion. It promotes the align-ment of the physical, mental and emotional body and brings balance between yin and yang. It absorbs negativity, relieves stress and supports emotional healing and is therefore highly valued for fighting anxiety and depression. It is also an excellent meditation stone and helpful for creative visualization, shamanic journeys and dream work.



Coffee bean jasper is a stone of protection, security and grounding. Its nurturing and comforting energies promote well-being and encourage the right behavior and mindset to help its wearer to look forward in life with confidence and optimism. With its dark chocolate colors it forges a strong connection to the earth, and is believed to be effective to ameliorate environmental stress and emotional toxicity. It is moreover thought to replace negative thoughts with cheerfulness and positivity.



Imperial jasper is a powerful healing and nurturing stone that is potent in absorbing negative energies. It sustains its wearer in times of stress and struggle, promotes courage and perseverance and provides a firm ground when chaos is raging around. It is said to personify the journey of its wearer towards enlighten-ment. It teaches possibilities to lead a fulfilled and purposeful life, to accept life and its twists and turns and to trust that higher guidance will always be available.



Kiwi jasper helps to relax and brings balance and grounding in times of stress. It is a great stone for healers, counsellors or therapists or those who work on behalf of others as it helps to raise the spirits, lift the mood and helps to find a healthy balance. It increases vitality and emotional strength by bringing a feeling of wholeness and by unifying all aspects of life. Kiwi jasper is also very helpful for letting go compulsive and addictive patterns. It is a wonderful chakra-balancing stone.



Ocean jasper is a stone with distinct restorative properties. It embodies joy, happiness and good spirits and is often used to enhance positivity and feel more optimistic about life. It brings encouragement and gives you the con-fidence to express your opinion freely and honestly. It helps to let go of emotional burdens and supports inner healing, renewal and regeneration. Ocean jasper is also an excellent reminder that all things are interconnected and that even the smallest actions have the power to change the world.



Like a little piece of art, Picasso jasper is a beautifully dotted stone with lots of grounding energy. It brings harmony, greater vision and understanding and lets you see the bigger picture of all things going on in your life. It brings to the surface hidden feelings and suppressed emotions in order to help you face them and let go of them. It is therefore a very good stone for new beginnings by dispelling negative thoughts that are normally pushed aside and drawing positivity and optimism into the heart.



With its picturesque ‘scenes’ and landscape patterns, picture jasper was always revered as a powerful pro-tection and healing stone. It symbolises a deep connection to the earth and was often used as a protection stone for shama-nic journeys, where it was said to help the wearer merge with the universal consciousness and energy of nature. It is also an excellent companion on traveling. It is sometimes exchanged among friends who have met on their journeys as a symbol for friendship and shared experiences.



Zebra jasper is typically white or pink with black stripes. Like the two opposite sides of one whole thing, it sym-bolizes the balance between masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang. It is the so-called “anti-apathy” stone, bringing activity and initiative into your life and allowing your to be optimistic despite life’s challenges. It can show us our own true nature and help us see past illusion. This can be helpful in relation-ships, the workplace, and other environments for being able to relate to and work with what is.


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