Gemstone Alphabet

Gemstone alphabet: D, F & G

The third part of the gemstone alphabet is about crystals from D to G (I have never worked with any gemstone that starts with an E, so I’ll have to skip that one letter in my alphabet).

The term druzy or druse refers to a layer of glittering  fine crystals on the surface of a gemstone fracture.  A druzy is often the first visible sign that a rock formation contains crystal reservoirs and is therefore highly useful for mineralogists and crystal collectors. Any gemstone can form crystalline druzies, but the most common ones are quartzes, agates and calcites. On a gemstone meaning level, druzies symbolize the multiple facettes that every character has, and is a reminder of the uniqueness and individual beauty of every person.



According to folklore, fluorite is the home of rainbows. The translucent gemstone is known for its exciting range and blend of purple, violet, clear and green. Fluorite is highly useful when concentration and focus are needed. It assists in bringing organization and structure into life – be it into physical, emotional or mental areas – and is an excellent helper on the search for life’s purpose and personal meaning.  It has the power to bring suppressed feelings to light and open the mind to new experiences and possibilities.



Fancy jasper is a wonderful stone to enhance relaxation, tranquility and acceptance. It comes in a variety of earthy colors, and is a powerful protection stone that absorbs and transforms negative energy and supports the wearer through times of stress. Fancy Jasper is said to be especially good at imparting the feeling of wholeness and comfort, and is useful for directing the attention to the here and now. In ancient times, it was often used for rituals to bring rain. It is therefore also associated with nourishment and fertility.




Although there is no real gold in goldstone, it has always been a highly valuable stone for different purposes. The sparkles of blue goldstone remind the wearer of stars in the night sky. It is a wonderful wish stone that, similar to wishing on a shooting star, holds the power to fulfil wishes and make dreams come true. It brings luck and fortune for new projects and attracts prosperity and success. It also deflects negative energies and revitalisies body, mind and spirit.


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