Gemstone Alphabet

Gemstone alphabet: B & C

From Botswana agate to crazy lace agate, this second part of my little gemstone series will be focused on crystals that start with the letters B and C.


Botswana agate brings stability and protection and has strong grounding and centering effects when used for meditation and introspection. It is a “solution stone”, helping its wearer focus on constructive thoughts rather than worries and complicated approaches to problems. It is excellent for balancing emotional, physical and intellectual energies, and bringing harmony into inner and outer life. In its areas of origin it is often called “sunset stone” because it is said to retain the sunlight and bring comfort in dark and lonely times.



Carnelian has a unique empowering and stimulating energy that brings warmth and joy into the heart of its wearer. It was traditionally the stone of leaders and emperors. It is said to attract prosperity, new resources and good luck. A symbol of motivation, courage and endurance, carnelian supports new projects. It is associated with ambition, drive and determination. Also called the Singer’s Stone, it is known to clarify and steady the voice, and helps to combat nervousness, jitters and stage fright. Due to its association with the earth element, it is said to have grounding and stabilizing effects on the wearer.



Crystal quartz, with its iridescent prism surface that reflects light in all its colors, is justly called the Perfect Jewel. It is the perfect healing stone, and is believed to enhance the energy flow and bring body and mind into balance. It purifies the head from negative thoughts and heals even old emotional wounds. Crystal quartz is an excellent signature stone for new beginnings.  It opens the mind and heart to higher guidance and amplifies whatever energy or intention is set into it. It is often called the “master healer” because of its ability to transform and neutralize all forms of negative energy into positive vibes. It is the best stone to balance and harmonize all chakras.



Charoite is a stone of inspiration, transformation, creativity and spiritual growth. It is a powerful stone for new beginnings as it helps to bring hurtful and straining situations and relationships to a closure and find a positive mindset for new phases. It encourages letting go of negative emotions and unconscious fears and inspires you to move forward in life with courage and optimism. Its healing energy aligns the heart and intellect and allows you to see yourself and others through a spirit of unconditional love and acceptance. Charoite is a dream and soul stone that helps you interpret the signals from within in the right and most fruitful way.



Cherry quartz, sometimes called strawberry quartz, potentiates all the energies of rosequartz. It acts on the heart chakra in a wonderfully energizing way, letting hope and positivity into it and warming from within. It promotes emotional balance and physical vitality. Cherry quartz also prevents overreactions and impulsive behavior and instead promotes inner calm and deliberateness. It can also help overcome sexual problems and emotional tensions by generally improving the flow of energy through the body. Cherry quartz is said to be an excellent study stone as it supports concentration and perseverance.



Chrysokolla supports authenticity and strength of character, and allows truth and inner wisdom to come to the surface and be understood. It is a stone of communication and verbal expression and helps you to choose the right words to speak your mind in a clear, yet gentle and loving way and to bring emotional healing to others. It is an excellent stone for mentors and advisors, but also for authors, teachers and speakers. It has a strengthening and calming energy and is helpful to relieve stress and tension. Chrysokolla also teaches that genuine power is best expressed through gentleness.



Coral gives aceptance and self-love to its wearer. It teaches the lesson that true beauty comes from within, and is considered to bring good luck and fortune. It restores harmony and happiness in the heart and encourages optimism and creativity. Coral is also known to relieve stress and emotional tension, reduce nervousness and combat nightmares. That’s also why it has been used for centuries as one of the most powerful talismans for children, and also as an aid against depression and lethargy. Due to its organic origin, coral is very useful to reconnect with nature and its cycles. Coral also supports the understanding of one’s purpose and dharma.



Crazy lace agate, sometimes called the “laughter stone” or “happy lace”, is appreciated for its property to bring joy and optimism to the wearer. It acts in a stimulating way on mind and attitude and let energies flow freely through the body. It is believed to absorb and transform negativity and emotional pain and it therefore very helpful as an accompanying stone in therapy and spiritual healing. Agates in general promote inner stability, composure, and maturity. Their warm, protective properties bring security, confidence and grounding, which is why they were often worn in amulets and talismans by explorers and adventurers to encourage assurance for their quests.


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